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Voluntary Assisted Return Program

What is VARP?

The Voluntary Assisted Return Programme (VARP) assists asylum seekers and other irregular  migrants, who wish to return from Norway to their home countries  voluntarily. The Programme provides a return option which is organized, safe and dignified.


What services does offer IOM through VARP?

  • Information and counseling regarding return with IOM.
  • Assistance in getting a travel document, if necessary.
  • Planning of return travel. Transportation within Norway, flights to your country of origin and domestic transportation in your country of  origin.
  • Assistance at the airport on departure, in transit and on arrival. Limited follow-up, if requested and possible.

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Financial Support to Assisted Voluntary Return

What is Financial Support to Assisted Voluntary Return (FSR)?

Financial Support to Assisted Voluntary Return (FSR) is a return service with reintegration support program for asylum seekers and migrants in an irregular situation who wish to return voluntarily from Norway to their country of origin. It is a return option organized with the interest and participation of the returnee.

The distribution of the grants depends on when you decide to return:

  • UDI has instituted changes and its contributions in programmes and projects administered and facilitated with IOM. It is important that you understand these changes that may affect your return. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact IOM immediately at 2310 5320 to speak confidentially with an IOM counsellor.

  • - FSR A (20,000 NOK) for those who apply within their deadline to leave Norway.

  • - FSR B (7,000 NOK for adults and 2,000 NOK per child) for those who overstayed their deadline to leave Norway.

  • - Extra Support for Minors (10,000 NOK) will be possible ONLY for those granted FSR A.

  • - Applicants with a Valid Travel Document (VTD) who qualify for reintegration support may possibly be granted an addtional 5,000 NOK. Those who are accepted for VTD will have to travel within 3 months of their application.

Voluntary Return and Reintegration Assistance to Vulnerable Migrants

What is IOM Norway's Project for Voluntary Assisted Return and Reintegration for Vulnerable Migrants?
The Vulnerable Groups Project provides a comprehensive return option to meet the needs of vulnerable migrants, which is organized in a humane, safe and dignified way. The migrant will receive support before, during and after their travels and the financial support received will be tailored to the individual's specific needs.

Migrants who can apply for support through the project:  
• Victims of trafficking (adults and children)
• Unaccompanied minors (children who came to Norway without parents or a legal guardian)
• Aged-out minors (who came to Norway as minors and are now between 18-23 years old)
• Migrants with medical needs (with serious medical follow-up needs upon return)
• Other vulnerable migrants (for instance victims of violence, exploitation and abuse, victims of domestic violence, victims of forced marriage and elderly migrants without family network in the country of origin)  


Services offered
• Return information and counselling prior to departure
• Assessment of reintegration needs
• Risk assessment for victims of trafficking
• Family tracing and assessment for unaccompanied minors
• Help with travel documents, if necessary
• Travel arrangements such as flights and transportation
• Airport assistance and escort to final destination, if needed
• Post-arrival information and counselling
• Reintegration assistance; follow up and advice on investing the reintegration support
• Monitoring 3 and 12 months after return by local IOM office in coordination with IOM Norway


What is included in the reintegration support?
The support is meant as an investment in the future. The reintegration support is a financial support of 42,000 NOK, of which 8000 NOK is cash support and 34,000 is in-kind support. The support can be used in the following four areas:

1. Subsistence Allowance (cash or in-kind)
Cash support is given as a one-time cash grant or in smaller instalments over time. Unaccompanied minors will not receive cash. This will be provided either to their legal guardian or as in-kind support. The subsistence allowance can be used on items such as food, clothing, replacement of lost identity documents or other immediate needs. The reminding funds will be given as in-kind support. It will be administered by IOM in the home country by paying directly to service providers or upon provision of valid documentation. These funds will be available for 1 year after return and can be spent on the following:

2. Accommodation
The accommodation support can cover payment of rent, purchase of material for renovation of housing, necessary furniture or other accommodation needs.


3. Medical support
This support includes purchase of medicines, specialized medical treatments, psychological counselling, dental treatment or physiotherapy.


4. Economic livelihood support:
• Educational grant: Covers school and course fees, purchase of material and books for school
• Vocational training grant: Enrolment fees and necessary material
• Start-up of small business activity: Renting shop or business premises, business registration fee, purchase of equipment/goods and transportation means. Counselling on business opportunities is possible
• Employment salary subsidy: Monthly employment grant for those who manage to find work placements


Apply for Voluntary Return

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Opening times:
Monday - Friday : 10:00 - 15:00

Visiting address:
Skippergata 33 Second floor; Oslo
Postal address:
PB 8927 Youngstorget
0028 Oslo

Tel: +47 23 10 53 20
Fax: +47 23 10 53 23


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