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Family Reunification

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) works to protect migrant rights, including the right to family life.
IOM assists with family reunification through its worldwide network of missions in more than 100 countries.
Through this program IOM provides logistical assistance to family members who have received permission to join
their relatives in the Norway. IOM has contracts with a number of airlines offering reduced fares for one-way travel
and favourable conditions with regards to flight changes and cancellations.

IOM does not provide financial support for family reunification.
Applicants must cover the costs or find a sponsor to assist with payment.

IOM Assistance
IOM can assist with family reunification in the following ways: Pre-departure information concerning travel documents
and procedures like;
Flight booking and ticket issuance.
Advice regarding exit visas.
Accommodation arrangements (necessary for the journey).
Assistance with medical cases including determining if passenger is fit to travel.
Arranging a (medical) escort.
Departure, transit and arrival assistance at airport by IOM staff.
Contact with family members in the Norway regarding travel arrangements.

IOM Procedure

  1. Upon receipt of the application, IOM emails the cost estimate to the applicant.     
  2. The applicant decides whether to use IOM assistance.
  3. The sponsor must transfer the total amount into the IOM bank account.
  4. IOM confirms receipt of payment and starts the booking procedure.
  5. IOM in the country of departure checks the family members’ travel documents and makes travel arrangements.
  6. IOM maintains contact with the family providing information on travel arrangements and arrival details.
  7. IOM verifies the actual costs incurred and informs sponsor if a reimbursement or additional payment is required.

****The processing time may take 3-4 weeks after received payment depending on the applicant’s status etc.

How to request IOM Assistance?
Before family reunification can take place, the Norwegian Director of Immigration (UDI) must approve the visa applications.
You may send your application to UDI or to the local embassy. Here is an overview of who can be granted a residence permit
and the criteria that must be met:

When you have been granted a family immigration permit please fill out the online family reunification form. The online application form is available here

Without IOM Assistance
You may contact the embassy directly and buy the air tickets yourself accordingly without IOM assistance (You may ask the airline to assist in transit).
For any enquires around this you may contact IOM Oslo on: +47 23 10 53 20.


Contact Reunification

Main: +47 23 10 53 20
Fax:  +47 23 10 53 23