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Taking Back Control

IOM's Leonard Doyle explains that by turning the Brexit catchphrase “Take Back Control” on its head in the run up to the forthcoming UN Summit on Refuges and Migrants on 19 September, IOM intends to demonstrate that the answer to the migration ‘crisis’ is indeed already a well managed process.


Taking Back Control


The Leavers won't tell you but those who have most successfully “Taken Back Control” of their lives are the very people who are on the move – refugees and migrants. ‘Dog whistle’ politics is an underhands way of using phrases that mean something anodyne to the general population but something quite sinister to targeted members of the electorate.  This is something that bears repeating when populist politicians and the click-bait media are telling us we need to take control of immigration. In fact most migration around the world is legal and orderly and managed by nations states, often with IOM support and training. The same can be said for refugees where UNHCR and IOM so often partner.


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For applicants

Important information for voluntary return applicants

If you have a valid travel document in your possession or with the Norwegian authorities, you may receive 5000 NOK. If the document is with you, a copy of the document MUST be attached to the application. If the document is with the Norwegian authorities, please inform IOM.

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